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Prefect Piece: Macbeth

Published by Sutton Valence Preparatory School on Tuesday 6th of December 2022

Avia E (Year 6) talks in the prefect piece below about her experience reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare, in her English lessons:

“In Year 6 English, we have been learning about William Shakespeare and have been reading the book, Macbeth. We have some fun teachers for English, Mrs Dallamore, Mrs Dorban-Hall and Mrs Savage. We have not read the whole book yet but so far, it is seeming quite mysterious. I think because the book is so popular, most of the children in my year have already read it so they know what happens at the end, but some people do not, so the teachers are constantly reminding us not to spoil it for the others.

There are lot of interesting characters in the book. We have got Macbeth, who is the main character of the book and Lady Macbeth, who is his wife. There is Banquo, who is Macbeth’s loyal companion and best friend and that’s just to name a few! The book is set in Scotland, in Glamis Castle – which is a real place! I would recommend the book for anyone in Year 4 and above. It is a good book and I hope you enjoy it! 
Prefect Piece: Macbeth - Photo 1
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