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Royal Russell School Launches 'r' - The School Newspaper

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 14th of February 2012

A school newspaper inspired, edited and written by the students of Royal Russell was launched this week.

The 16-page newspaper, called r, was published on Wednesday, with more than 200 copies being distributed to pupils and students in Houses.

Highlights in the first edition include articles on school life, a double page spread on Valentine's Day, a focus on the school's environmental credentials, film and book reviews, as well as students' attitudes to national and international news.

The newspaper also boasts an agony aunt column, a fashion page, a caption competition (featuring the Headmaster's dog), a range of cartoons and student-written horoscopes.

The first issue of r was produced by a team of 40 students, with all year groups from 7 to 13 represented. It is hoped that an edition of r will be published twice-termly.

Mr Muir, a published author himself, who oversaw the production of the newspaper, said: 'An extraordinary amount of work has been put into our first edition, but we are delighted with the outcome. A huge number of pupils have had the opportunity to gain genuine life and work skills, not only in writing, editing and designing, but in terms of organisation and ensuring they meet strict deadlines.

'The initial feedback has been excellent and we hope that the continuing support of students and staff will ensure that r becomes a permanent fixture at the school.'

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