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Senior Maths Challenge Results October 2022

Published by St Joseph's College on Monday 12th of December 2022

A number of Upper and Lower Sixth Form students took part in the Senior Mathematical Challenge, organised by the UK Mathematics Trust. The 90-minute challenge comprised 25 multiple-choice questions designed to test mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

Mr Greenaway said, ‘As Sixth Form teachers at St Joseph’s, we aim to develop independent, self-motivated learners able to present logical and coherent solutions and to recognise that topics are interrelated and influence each other. Through problem-solving in lessons and skilful questioning, we aim to produce mathematicians who can pull together the strands from different areas of the subject and transfer skills from one context to another.

‘Students are encouraged to explain the rationale for their viewpoint. As they work through each problem, they try different avenues, questioning and analysing their own solutions. As a result, they can identify efficient approaches to a wide range of problems.’

He said success was mostly down to the students themselves for their desire and determination to do well, and he congratulated both those who achieved certification in the Senior Maths Challenge, and all who took part.

Gold Certificate: Jerry Qian (L6), Jack Barclay-Smith (U6), Brian Wang (U6), Alexander Li (U6), Frank Zhao (U6) and Memo Topal (U6).
Silver Certificate: Justin Cao (U6) and Ronnie Thorold (L6).
Bronze Certificate: Freddie Cloud (L6) and Lexie Pryke (L6).

The Gold Certificate is awarded to the top 9% of those selected to take part in the competition, so St Joseph’s is delighted to have six students achieve that level. They have now qualified for the Senior Kangaroo follow-up round of the competition later this month.

Mr Greenaway
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