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Kilgraston Headteacher Discusses Mobile Phone Restrictions In Press

Published by Kilgraston on Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Kilgraston Headteacher, Mrs Davie, has been talking to local newspaper, The Courier, about our long-standing mobile phone policy and the benefits it has had on pupils.

In the article, Mrs Davie reflects: “With a no mobile phone policy in school-time, we are really seeing the benefits of good old-fashioned human interaction. We are a close-knit school, with a strong community spirit and we have found that, for both staff and pupils alike, people are calmer and more confident with this increased human interaction.

“In the absence of phones, we must talk to each other.”

Kilgraston introduced the mobile phone restrictions in 2018 amid concerns that concentration and social skills were being negatively affected and of the ban, Mrs Davie said: “I am proud of the fact that Kilgraston was a trailblazer and carved out a robust policy on mobile phones in schools.

“We are passionate about educating our pupils and ensuring they get the best possible start in life, and to do this, they need to be focused and engaged.

You can read the full article here on the Courier website.

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