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Infant's Forest School

Published by St Nicholas' School on Wednesday 22nd of March 2023

The Reception children love to visit the pond first in their Forest School sessions. This week they each picked up a natural item and predicted whether it would float or sink. They were introduced to the word 'buoyant' and tried to use this when talking to one another.

To celebrate World Book Day, we read 'The Grouchy Ladybug' by Eric Carle. In the story, the children found it particularly funny when the ladybug was trying to talk to the whale's fin and tail. The children then had to find some energetic stone ladybugs that had made their way into the woods. They were also keen to find other microorganisms by looking under logs and rocks and used their magnifying glasses to look at them in more detail.

Using their 'basher' pieces of wood, the children had a fantastic time creating habitats 'Twig Towers' for the small creatures that live in this environment. They worked in groups to find sticks which they needed to hammer into the ground. They supported one another well; one child found a suitable stick, one child held the stick and the other hit the stick into the ground. They took it in turns to do each job and listened well to instructions. They then filled their towers with leaves and twigs to make it comfortable for the microorganisms who might want to live there.

Well done Reception!

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