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Funds Raised For 100 ‘School In A Bag’ Rucksacks For Children In Mongolia

Published by Churcher's College on Monday 27th of March 2023

Churcher’s College has successfully raised money for the charity ‘School in a Bag’ to fund 100 school rucksacks for children in Mongolia, each contains useful learning and hygiene supplies.

Pupils across the senior school made a donation to the charity, for which School allowed them to wear their own clothes for the day.  All monies raised went to ‘School in a Bag’ who worked with a partner charity called  ‘Children’s Hope Mongolia’ to buy and fill the rucksacks.

Following the donation, Tsedevsuren Shavdkhuu, Director and Co-Founder of ‘Children’s Hope Mongolia’ wrote to ‘School in a Bag’ saying; “I am writing this letter to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation…for the generous grant award…the rucksacks and school supplies have been distributed on 7th March 2023… ‘Children’s Hope Mongolia’ is dedicated to helping children in need and it is through the continued support from many wonderful partners like ‘School in a Bag’ that it is able to fulfil its mission here in Mongolia.”

There was great excitement from the children receiving their new rucksacks, now ‘Children’s Hope Mongolia’ is hoping to get SchoolBags in to every province in Mongolia. We wish them the best of luck and hope to be able to raise more funds in the future.

More about education in Mongolia

Mongolia is a vast country, with 21 provinces where nomadic herders are scattered through steppes and mountains to graze their animals. Some herder children attend remote boarding schools while others travel two to three hours between school and home.

A lack of government income and funding reduces the number of schools and thus access to education; the individual poverty of families additionally prevents a number of children from attending school, and the two problems together exacerbate the problem. Every third child in Mongolia lives below the poverty line and the dropout rate among children is high. 40% of the children in rural areas drop out of school or do not enrol in school at all. The sons of herder families constitute educationally the most disadvantaged group among rural Mongolians with 60% of all dropouts, in the 8–15-year-old age bracket, being boys.

Funds Raised For 100 ‘School In A Bag’ Rucksacks For Children In Mongolia - Photo 1
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