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Beekeeping At Kilgraston

Published by Kilgraston on Thursday 30th of March 2023

Kilgraston has over 50 different clubs and activities and our latest is: Beekeeping at Kilgraston.

We have four colourful hives, forming Kilgraston’s first Apiary, located in a purpose-built alcove behind the Science Centre. Every precaution has been taken to keep all pupils and staff safe.

Over the coming months, the Beekeeping Society will be getting kitted out with beekeeping suits, smokers and special tools to look after the bees. We will also be making frames to sit in the beehive supers. The supers sit on top of the brood boxes. When the bees start collecting pollen and nectar, they will make honey in the supers. We have planted a range of wild flowers and other flowering plants in the beds behind the Science Centre and we will be looking to see which types of flowers our bees like the best. The pupils will also be working towards completing their Junior Beekeeping certificate.

This entire project has been made possible by the fund-raising support of the Kilgraston Parents Association (KPA). Look out for further updates on our bees.

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