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In The Loop! Leighton Park's First Dance Company!

Published by Leighton Park School on Tuesday 18th of April 2023

Established by Peripatetic Dance Teacher, Anja Nash, LooP has become the latest co-curricular opportunity to get involved with at Leighton Park!

“The transferable skills developed through dance are endless, and the prospect of further performance opportunities available to us as a dance company is a hugely beneficial experience for these dancers.” enthused Anja, when asked why she created the group.

“It has been an absolute joy starting the LooP Dance Company. The students are treating it with extreme professionalism as they know that they are representing the School. Each week, they work on, and develop their dancing knowledge and ability, enhance their technique and performance skills. I know the dancers feel extremely proud to have been selected for the company and I felt the commitment and enthusiasm from them from the get-go.”

Anja continued, “It is wonderful to have such creative minds working all together as a team, respecting one another, and continuing their enjoyment for dance. The joy that Beth [Butler, Dance Teacher], has so admirably began at Leighton Park continues to keep on building. Junior students can use the company to work towards their further involvement in learning dance as they can go on to study further.”

At present, LooP are rehearsing for their inaugural performance at the School’s 2023, Let’s Dance show. “We have been working very hard on the piece” commented Anja. “We have also been looking at different styles of dance for the students to learn and experience.”

On creating the image of LooP, Anja reflected,

“We spent a good deal of time deciding the logo as we wanted it to represent Leighton Park. The students have been wearing their dance company uniform with pride, with other students taking an interest in the wonderful offering of dance at Leighton Park. Keep your eyes peeled, as you can look forward to exciting performances from the LooP Dance Company to come!”
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