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GCSE Results 2023

Published by St Gabriel's on Tuesday 29th of August 2023

GCSE results day always follows hard on the back of A levels and having celebrated the considerable successes of Year 13 last week, we are equally proud of Year 11.

Last week we saw a national suppression of grades as the long awaited and much spoken about reset of results took place, and so schools across the land have been expecting there to be a similar adjustment to the GCSE grades this week. The rights and wrongs of any governmental intervention will be talked through by many, for a long time, but what we cannot do is ignore the uncertainty that the shifting sand of this readjustment has caused for all students who have invested years of hard work in their studies to follow their ambitions. Amongst this uncertainty, what you can be certain of is that schools across the land will be doing all that they can to ensure that their young people are able to make sense of their hard-earned results, and to access their chosen pathways going forward.

Here at St Gabriel’s, we are delighted again to be able to celebrate group and individual success at GCSE. 36% of all results were Level 9 – 7, with science in particular posting hugely impressive results, with over 73% of all grades in separate sciences being at Level 9 or 8. Individual mention goes to Sareena Rogers (9 level 9s and 3 levels 8s), Elspeth Martin-Dye (8 level 9s, 1 level 8 and 2 level 7s), and Josie Keen (5 level 9s, 4 level 8s and 3 level 7s.)

This is a year that has shown their ability to endure stoically, prosper, and flourish, when things have been tough throughout. Their resilience and sense of fun has been a lesson to us all. As ever, this year will be remembered for many reasons. However, it is the educational growth and level of achievement shown by these St Gabriel’s pupils, and the professionalism and care shown by an outstanding staff, coupled with the support of parents that will be the abiding memory.

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