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GCSE Results 2023

Published by Royal Alexandra and Albert School on Thursday 24th of August 2023

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School is proud to acknowledge the dedication and hard work shown by our students throughout their academic journey. Today’s GCSE examination results reflect the commitment of both our students and colleagues in demonstrating ambition and perseverance despite the challenges of the past years.

Nearly a quarter of all GCSES were graded 9-7. Overall, in line with last year, 80% of GCSEs were graded 9-4. Students did particularly well in the Sciences, with 94% of entries for Biology and Physics GCSEs achieving grades 9-7. Chemistry followed closely behind, with 88% of entries achieving grades 9-7. 65% of GCSE entries in subjects such as Art, Drama, Design and Technology, Food Preparation and Nutrition, English Literature and Religious Studies were graded 9-5.

Our students' achievements in this year's examinations stand as a testament to their ambition, courage and adaptability as they have worked to complete their GCSEs. Whilst celebrating their collective success, we also recognise the individual growth and progress made by each of our students, both in and out of the classroom.

Trixie Lawrence, Scarlett Ellis and Edric Ko opened their results together. Between happy tears and hugs, the three friends were delighted with their results and were happy that they could now go on to study the A Level subjects they want. Edric said, “It’s such a relief! Now, I can think about the next stage and my A Levels. ”

Kiska Wong was also relieved after opening her results envelope. Kiska, a boarder at the school, said, “I’m very happy with my results. I’m particularly proud of my grade 8 for English Literature. English is not my first language, and I worked very hard on the subject.” Kiska achieved six grade 6 GCSEs, two grade 7s, two 8s, and two 9s.

Archie Latter was equally as pleased. He said, “I’m really happy. When you have the envelope in your hands you feel nervous. At that moment, you think you could have done more and revised more, but this is a good feeling right now.” Archie achieved five grade 9 GCSEs, four grade 8s, and one GCSE grade 7. He will remain at the school for Sixth Form.

As our students move forward into their post-16 educational pathways, we will continue to support them in their aspirations, encouraging them to embrace challenges and opportunities with the same determination they have shown during their GCSE years at our school.

Headteacher, Mr M.P. Thomas, offered his congratulations to students as they received their results today: “I want to take a moment to congratulate all of our Year 11 students on reaching this significant milestone in their academic journey, and for all that they have accomplished throughout their time at our school”. He continued by saying, “Each of our students have demonstrated the will to succeed as they have worked to complete their GCSE studies, discovering and developing unique talents, nurturing passions, and flourishing into impressive individuals along the way.”

Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students on their achievements today. We look forward to welcoming many students back for another exciting chapter of their education as they continue on to Sixth Form at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School. We would also like to wish all students who are leaving our school the very best in their future ambitions.

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