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Year 7 Adventures At Calshot

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 18th of September 2023

The Calshot residential is an annual event that always delivers an exciting and fun-filled weekend for Year 7 pupils. This year was no exception, with the pupils enjoying a wide range of activities that provided plenty of opportunities for them to learn new skills and challenge themselves.

The first activity of the weekend was kayaking, which was made even more enjoyable by the warm and sunny weather. The pupils had a great time and returned with rosy cheeks and big smiles on their faces.

The fine weather continued throughout the weekend, allowing the pupils to participate in a range of activities such as skiing, archery, climbing, donutting, orienteering, and track cycling. The velodrome proved to be a particular favourite, with many of them testing their skills on the challenging track.

The evening activities were just as exciting, with a range of competitions and challenges to keep the pupils entertained. The beach treasure hunt was a hit, as was the competition to build the highest pebble tower, the winners built an impressive 43cm tall tower. The pupils also enjoyed a quiz and an egg drop competition, where all the eggs survived!

The highlight of the weekend was the epic engineering challenge, where the students were tasked with building swings and mechanical dogs ‘Dragon’s Den’ style. This was a great way for the pupils to demonstrate their creativity and problem-solving skills, and they all rose to the challenge.

The weekend ended with a fabulous roast dinner, just as thunderstorms and rain moved in. Despite the weather, the pupils remained in high spirits, having made new friends and achieved new goals throughout the weekend.

The Calshot residential was an excellent opportunity for team building. As Sophie said, “Calshot was brilliant for team building. We got to know each other better and built new friendships”. With Thomas adding, “Calshot was great fun! I loved doing all the different activities. I made new friends and found out interesting facts about them.”

Overall, the Calshot residential was a huge success, providing Year 7 pupils with an unforgettable weekend of adventure and fun.

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