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Glowing report for St Benedict's School CCF

Published Friday 11th of May 2012 02:14:59 PM

St Benedict's School CCF had its biennial inspection at the end of last term and the glowing report from the Inspecting Officer, Colonel Mike Kelly, Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS) LONDIST, has just landed on the Headmaster's desk. The inspection provided a fitting send-off for the Commanding Officer, Captain Richard Finch, who is leaving St Benedict's at the end of the summer term to take up an appointment as Director of Sport at a school in Hong Kong. Lt (RN) Nikki Woodroffe will take over the command.
Colonel Kelly reports: 'St Benedict's School CCF provided a first class biennial inspection day at Longmoor Camp on Friday 16 March 2012. The detachment was in excellent spirits with 60 cadets on parade. The school has a thriving CCF and have very successfully embarked on a partnership with Cardinal Wiseman RC School. I had the opportunity to meet cadets and teachers from both schools and praise all concerned for this excellent partnership which is fully supported by the Headmasters; both were present at the inspection day.
Captain Finch has proven to be a very capable OC and through his guidance the CCF has continued to grow in strength and numbers. The contingent provides challenging and rewarding training opportunities at the weekly CCF events and this was ably demonstrated during the biennial inspection. Capt Alistair Grant, the SSI, was particularly impressive and is to be congratulated on his hard work and dedication to the Unit. Additional adult support comes from a number of teachers and it was encouraging to see the level of support from both schools.
The cadets on parade were extremely well turned out and the honour guard had spent some considerable time on their drill and appearance well done. All were thoroughly enjoying the experiences and opportunities provided by the CCF. During the inspection I had the opportunity to view various levels of training in skill at arms, range work, section attacks, assault course and helicopter drills and flights. I was particularly impressed with the senior cadets and staff sergeants, and had the opportunity to promote a very confident and competent cadet sergeant-major.
Overall this was a very successful inspection which brought the very best out of a well-motivated and supported CCF. The schools and cadets are clearly proud of their CCF contingent.
Excellent - well done.'
Commanding Officer Captain Richard Finch commented: 'It was an outstanding day. Our cadets gave 100% and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.'
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