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Concerto Concert 2023

Published by Cheam School on Tuesday 7th of February 2023

The Concerto Concert returned this year to its usual spot in the spring term of 2023. It showcased a diverse range of musical styles in both solo and ensemble form and also encompassed the vocal talents of the Year 7, Chapel and Cheam Community Choirs.

The concert began with an impressive fanfare from the brass team which set the stage for the high level of musicianship to come. From lyrical clarinet playing to fiery fingers in beautiful Baroque music on the oboe and flute and from atmospheric film music to grand marches, there was something for everyone in this highlight of the music department calendar.

The audience was even indulged with a saxophone trio which had been specially prepared for the occasion – a rare sight and sound!The pupils were all well prepared, thanks to their music teachers who noted every detail with care and helped build their confidence in time for their respective performances.

There were also some vocal treats during the evening, from solo singing to combined efforts from both the Year 7 Choir and Chapel Choir who were then joined by the Cheam Community Choir for the final piece of the evening.Huge thanks must be extended to Mr. Townsend for some special arrangements, Mrs Coxwell for coaching the choirs and of course to Mr. Bennett for masterminding the occasion and providing such a special opportunity for the children to shine and share their talents.

Lastly, the evening would not have been possible without the support of parents at home, encouraging their children to persevere in their practice and enabling them to flourish on occasions such as these. This will surely be an evening to be remembered with fond memories long into the future.

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