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Published by Ratcliffe College on Thursday 25th of May 2023

We are delighted to announce that the Father William Doyle Association has warmly welcomed the decision of Ratcliffe College, to name our new English Centre in honour of the Servant of God, Fr. William Doyle. Fr. Doyle was a student at Ratcliffe College from 1884 until 1890, and he is the first Old Ratcliffian to be formally proposed for sainthood.

 The new building has been developed for the English Department at Ratcliffe College. It contains 9 classrooms and will be known as the Fr. William Doyle English Centre.

Speaking at the official opening of the building held on Tuesday 16th May 2023, the President of the Association, Patrick Kenny, said:

“The teenage years have a profound impact on all of us, and it is clear that Fr. Doyle’s spirit and priestly ministry were shaped by his experience at Ratcliffe. Fr. Doyle was a prize-winning student and a very keen cricketer. It was at Ratcliffe that his decision to become a priest matured. The College must have had a warm place in his heart. This is the very first building in the world to be named in Fr. Doyle’s honour, and we are sure that Fr. Doyle’s good humour, sincere holiness and selfless heroism will inspire future generations of students at Ratcliffe.”

As a sign of the Father Willie Doyle Association’s gratitude to Ratcliffe College, Fr. John Hogan, the diocesan postulator for the cause of Fr. Doyle, presented a small fragment of Fr. Doyle’s military clothing to the College.

 Mr Reddin, Headmaster said:

“We were delighted to welcome Mr Patrick Kenny, President of the Father Willie Doyle Association and Fr. John Hogan, postulator for the canonisation of Father William Doyle, to our official blessing and opening of the new English Centre. Patrick shared with us a little about Fr. William’s life as a boy here at Ratcliffe College and about his ministry prior to and during the First World War.

We are overwhelmed to receive a small fragment of Fr. Doyle’s military clothing and will ensure this item is treasured at Ratcliffe College, inspiring many future generations for years to come.

We are incredibly proud of this stunning building and would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone involved in the project as part of our Whole School Strategic Vision.”


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