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Sustainability Group Proposes Strides Towards Net Zero Future

Published by Dean Close Preparatory School on Thursday 16th of November 2023

Yesterday, the Dean Close Sustainability Group took a significant step towards achieving #netzero goals and fostering sustainability at Dean Close School.

In a positive move towards environmental responsibility, the Dean Close School Sustainability Group convened a crucial meeting yesterday with the school Bursar, Mr Adran Bowcher, and a representative from INSPIRED PLC, setting the stage for the institution's journey towards becoming a net-zero school.

During the meeting, students from the Sustainability Group presented a range of innovative ideas aimed at reducing the school's carbon footprint. Proposals included advocating for increased recycling bins in classrooms, organizing a large-scale uniform swapping event, promoting the use of digital worksheets over traditional printing, and establishing clothes banks on campus. These forward-thinking initiatives are integral components of a comprehensive strategy to make Dean Close School a more sustainable and environmentally conscious institution.

The collaboration with energy consultants from

INSPIRED PLC not only provided valuable insights but also marked a significant milestone in aligning the school with cutting-edge sustainability practices. This partnership will guide the implementation of effective and realistic sustainability measures tailored to the unique needs of Dean Close School.

This meeting, heralded as the first steps towards creating a net-zero school, reflects the proactive involvement of both students and administration in steering the institution towards a more sustainable future

Sustainability Group Proposes Strides Towards Net Zero Future - Photo 1Sustainability Group Proposes Strides Towards Net Zero Future - Photo 2Sustainability Group Proposes Strides Towards Net Zero Future - Photo 3
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