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Monkton Wellbeing & Sustainability Day 2023

Published by Monkton Senior School on Monday 20th of February 2023

Staff and pupils at our Senior School recently took part in an informative and interactive day full of sustainability and wellbeing practices.

The morning focused on wellbeing at Monkton and beyond, with a variety of activities taking place, before an afternoon of discovering how as departments and individuals we can best model sustainable practices for ourselves and our future.

As part of the morning’s wellbeing sessions, students had the opportunity to hear from two inspiring speakers in our Senior School chapel from Iain Mahoney and Patrick Foster. Both spoke of their personal journeys with addiction and how they had needed to talk and seek help previously but, regretfully, hadn’t done so. They also spoke about prioritising their mental health and wellbeing as part of their recovery. The feedback from students has been incredibly positive, with many fruitful conversations in response to what they heard, truly putting thought into action. In addition, there were a whole host of activities from a workshop with a sleep specialist, to organisational life hacks, wheelchair basketball to bread making and many more!

Monkton Wellbeing & Sustainability Day 2023 - Photo 1Monkton Wellbeing & Sustainability Day 2023 - Photo 2
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