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Learning Beyond The Classroom

Published by St James Senior Boys' School on Friday 26th of May 2023

This trip was run for the GCSE Year 9 and Year 10 French boys to give them a flavour of how French is very much 'alive' in our capital!

We had a tour and presentation in the beautiful 'médiathèque' in the French Institute where we attended a workshop about Sports in France and French speaking countries. The boys were given questions and they had to look for the answers in the library's books or online. We covered topics like Le Rolland Garros, Le Tour de France, French rugby, football and the Olympics.

In the afternoon we had the chance to watch a 2019 French biographical comedy drama film, called 'Fahim'. 

This is a charming film, based on a real-life story of a young chess master who escaped Bangladesh with his father to France and how they got their residence permit. A moving story with our famous outstanding Gerard Depardieu as one of the main characters.

It was a great opportunity for the boys to learn outside of the normal classroom setting!

The French institute is a public library so whilst we were there, other members of the public were visiting too. One of them commented how impressed they were with the boys' behaviour.

Bravo les garçons!

Mme Quartier
Head of MFL

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