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A Level And GCSE Art & Photography Exhibition

Published by St James Senior Boys' School on Friday 16th of June 2023

On the 10th and 15th of June, two examiners visited our school to moderate the A Level & GCSE art and photography exhibitions, which showcased the impressive work of our students over the past two years. Whilst the examiners were unable to provide specific comments on the pieces, the overall sentiment surrounding the exhibitions was positive. It was evident that the students had demonstrated a diligent and attentive approach to their work.

The exhibitions served as a testament to the talent and creativity present among our students. Their hard work and commitment were evident in the outstanding pieces on display. The range of styles, techniques, and subjects explored was impressive, reflecting the diverse interests and unique perspectives of our aspiring artists and photographers.

The exhibitions not only showcased the individual talents of our students, but also highlighted their growth and development over the course of their studies. It was evident that they had honed their technical skills, experimented with new approaches, and embraced constructive feedback to refine their craft. The pieces on display were a testament to their progress as artists and photographers, capturing their journey of exploration and self-expression.

While the examiners’ visit provided an opportunity for moderation and evaluation, it was the collective effort and passion of our students that made the exhibition truly remarkable. Their dedication, perseverance, and willingness to push the boundaries of their creativity were evident in the pieces on display. The exhibitions served as a celebration of their hard work and a testament to their artistic abilities.

Well done!

Mr Saunders - Head of Art 

A Level And GCSE Art & Photography Exhibition - Photo 1
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