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Boys Are Back On Tour

Published by St David's College on Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

The ferry ride was uneventful, if a little choppy, and the boys were tucked up in bed with Horlicks by 11pm.

The Saturday 1st games vs King Billies (King William’s College) are always full-blooded affairs with two evenly matched forces battling it out on the (literal) edge of the Irish Sea.

This year was no exception, except it was the inexperienced St David’s team that lay bloodied and bowed in the wind and the rain.

Director of Sport Mr Dan Lycett said: “With eight debutants we took huge amounts from the game and the boys were in good spirits after the game, mixing with the opposition in the famous "Barrovian Hall".

“The evening was punctuated with Olly "The best" Andrew birthday celebrations and huge amounts of pizza was consumed to set the boys up well for a good night's sleep.”

The Sunday game saw the sunshine and a Sale Development Player Pathway U17 team freshly constructed, played with real flair and as would be expected studded with some genuine talent.

The St David’s boys as always quick learners had remedied much of the previous days errors and were keen to put together a display to entertain the crowd. Both teams delighted in energetic play and the ball was in play for long periods of time.

Mr Lycett added: “Trips like this are the bed rock of the rugby approach and mixing year groups to bring on individual learning is vital, seeing boys grow in stature and confidence on and off the pitch is heart-warming and that with lots of contact time builds for an exciting future.”

A huge thank you to parents for their continued support and for the players’ passion and tenacity.

The future is indeed bright!

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