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Our Girls Shine In Gibralter

Published by St David's College on Monday 2nd of October 2023

The Gibraltar netball tour provided the girls with an incredible opportunity for personal growth and camaraderie.

The Gibralter netball tour was a brilliant success, and it had something for everyone.

The range of activities the 40-strong group enjoyed, from dolphin watching to paddleboarding left them all in awe. The natural beauty of Gibraltar provided the perfect backdrop for these unforgettable experiences. 🟡🥇

But it wasn't just about leisure and sightseeing; it was also about growth and development. The skills the girls learned during the netball training sessions were hugely beneficial.

PE teacher, Ms Elle Jones said: "We could feel ourselves becoming more in sync as a team, and more confident in our abilities.

"The real test came when we put these skills into action during our matches." 🏐🌟

"Speaking of matches, we had a great run with a record of 2 wins and 2 losses in our games," she continued.

"These matches were the culmination of our hard work and dedication, and win or lose, we played with heart and sportsmanship."

We'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the dedicated staff who generously gave their time and effort to make this tour possible. Your unwavering support and guidance were instrumental in creating this unforgettable experience 🟡🥇

The friendships formed, the skills acquired, and the memories made during our Gibraltar netball tour are treasures that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Gibraltar, for an unforgettable journey🏐🌟

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