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Tudor Hall Celebrates GCSE Success

Published by Tudor Hall on Thursday 25th of August 2022

We are celebrating a successful set of GCSE results with Tudor girls achieving exceptional grades as they move into the Sixth Form to continue their studies.

We should remember that this cohort of Year 11 pupils experienced disruption to the start of their GCSE courses in Year 10.  Not only did they have to start their courses under very challenging circumstances, but they also missed out on the educational trips and visits that are so important in supplementing and broadening their studies.  These excellent results will provide them with firm foundations to progress into the Sixth Form and start their A-level studies with the necessary skills and knowledge to hit the ground running.

The resilience and dedication of Tudor Hall girls to aim high, with the unwavering support of their subject teachers and the pastoral team, has been rewarded with excellent results. 

We are delighted to announce that 98% of pupils achieved one or more results graded 9-7 which, in ‘old money’, equates to A*-A. The average grade achieved by our Year 11 cohort was a Grade 7.  

Headmistress, Julie Lodrick, commented: 

“These excellent results are a testament to the tenacity and resilience that the girls have shown throughout the last two years. With the support of their teachers, they have kept their sights set on achieving the best possible grades, working consistently and steadily, whether at home or at school.   

Individually and collectively, they have achieved remarkable grades and I am incredibly proud of what they have accomplished. I look forward to seeing them continue to flourish as they move into the Sixth Form.”  

Deputy Head, Emma Bell said: 

“With the majority excelling in 9 GCSEs alongside their commitments to co-curricular activities, into which they threw themselves with gusto once Covid restrictions were eased, these results are testament to the aim higher ethos embodied by our pupils. Tudor girls really can do it all!” 

Amelie who received an outstanding 11 Grade 9s said: “I am surprised but delighted with my results, it is possible to achieve your target if you go all out for it.”  

Lois commented, “I am absolutely thrilled with my results, but I could not have achieved them without the support of my teachers.” 

Bea added “I am completely relieved and very happy with my results; I am pleased that all my hard work has paid off. I am grateful for all the support, guidance and revision resources from my teachers. I feel comfortable and secure going into the Sixth Form to study my A Levels.” 

This year the school is extremely pleased that the overwhelming majority of year 11 girls have chosen to complete their A Level studies at our outstanding Sixth Form, a demonstration of the trust and confidence built throughout their time at Tudor Hall. This is a journey they undertake collaboratively with and alongside their peers and staff as they follow their chosen academic pathway. We know that the Sixth Form experience at Tudor is empowering and transformative, as the girls progress in subjects that will move them closer to their individual aspirations. It is an honour to play such an important and supportive role in their exciting and promising futures. 

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