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Starship Enterprise

Published by West House preparatory School on Wednesday 12th of July 2023

This term our Year 6 boys were involved in an exciting initiative called ‘Fiver Challenge’ based on the challenge set up by Young Enterprise to introduce our older pupils to the fun and exciting world of commerce.

All Year 6 boys were given a budget of £5 each for startup costs, to purchase items/ingredients which they then used to create products and services to sell at school. This amount was then reimbursed to the school at the end of the project with the profits being given to Pets As Therapy and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The boys were split into teams and sold a range of sweets, healthy snacks and refreshments. They also sold raffle tickets and a variety of prizes.

We were delighted that the boys raised £1,555.28 which is a fantastic amount and we’d like to thank the wider school community for their support of this annual enterprise.

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