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Arnie Makes His Debut!

Published by Beachborough School on Tuesday 16th of January 2024

At Beachborough Prep we are committed to our ongoing Wellbeing Support Programme for all children across the school.

All children from the youngest tots in our Nursery through to the older pupils in our Prep School are delivered a curriculum which focusses on cultivating characteristics, attitudes and actions that promote wellbeing. Sport, Forest School, Wellbeing Sessions, PSHE lessons and our Co-Curricular offering all contribute to the education of the whole child and the children at Beachborough Prep are taught techniques and skills that they can employ to recognise and appraise situations they are likely to encounter in today’s increasingly demanding world.
To add to our wellbeing offering, we are excited to announce that Arnie, our five-year-old Norfolk Terrier, and resident boarding house pet will be joining Mrs Crook, our Nurture and Well-being Practitioner as our qualified Pet Therapy Dog!

Arnie became a part of Beachborough Prep at the tender age of eight weeks. His arrival on the 15th of November 2018 was of great excitement for the children who utilise our boarding offering and who were undoubtedly thrilled to welcome a new, furry friend into the community. Arnie was born at Tredwell’s farm in Westbury, Northants and his parents both belonged to Old Beachburians. They were sure he was the luckiest pup of the litter having found his forever home at Beachborough!
With Arnie already living at our 35-acre site and his sweet, calm nature and familiarity to the children sets him in good steed to be able to provide comfort and companionship to those children who may be experiencing challenging times.

Arnie qualified with the Pet Therapy Team in 2019 and it was hoped that he would be visiting hospitals to cheer children up who were in need of treatment. Unfortunately, just after he qualified, Covid 19 struck, and all therapy visits had to be cancelled. Although Arnie never got to do this role he has loved being involved in boarding school life and is often on hand when children are a bit nervous and loves nothing more than a cuddle.

Arnie is eagerly anticipating his role in the wellbeing room. His excitement stems from a genuine love for children and companionship. Arnie thrives in one-to-one or small group interactions, where he can provide focused attention and comfort. Arnie’s temperament played a pivotal role in the decision to have him trained as a therapy dog. His gentle and calm demeanour, coupled with a remarkable intuition for people’s emotions, made him an ideal candidate for such a role.

Dogs can provide endless health benefits, including mental wellbeing in a number of situations through specific tasks or, by simply providing themselves as a calming companion.
Numerous studies have shown the benefits of therapy dogs in schools and evidence suggests that they play a vital part in cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and environmental wellbeing.
Mrs Crook, our Nurture and Wellbeing Practitioner said of the initiative,

“Arnie is a fabulous addition to the Well-being Team as well as the wellbeing and nurture offering that we have here at Beachborough Prep. I have no doubt that a lot of children will benefit from being in his company, especially those who may be struggling with something emotionally. His size and calm, endearing nature are of huge benefit and means he is the most loveable and trustworthy companion. I am so excited to get this new initiative off the ground and introduce sessions with Arnie, to the children here at Beachborough.”

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