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Beachborough School turns yellow in support of Young Minds

Published by Beachborough School on Wednesday 11th of October 2023

On Tuesday 10th October 2023, Beachborough School participated in the Hello Yellow initiative for the charity, Young Minds.

The whole school from our youngest learners in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception, to the more mature of our pupils in the Manor House, came together to support this charity and in honour of this important day by wearing an item of yellow clothing along with normal school uniform. The idea is to ‘Stand Out and Show Up’ in support of the mental health of young people and to come together to show young people that how they feel matters and that they deserve the support they need and that they are not alone.

Both children and staff donned their best yellow items of clothing, whether this be a simple plain yellow t-shirt or hairband, to dressing up as a fried egg – anything goes at Beachborough in support of this amazing charity!

In conjunction with the Hello Yellow campaign, our Wellbeing and Nurture Practitioner, Mrs Crook worked alongside our Form VIII Wellbeing Ambassadors to create and implement an exciting activity for the whole school to enjoy and to promote wellbeing even further.

Wellbeing is an essential part of life at Beachborough School, and our wellbeing curriculum consists of one period a week being completely devoted to the children’s emotional and psychological health. The programme focuses on cultivating characteristics, attitudes and actions that promote wellbeing. At Beachborough we recognise the importance of breaking stigmas and helping all in our community to understand that it is ok to ask for help, if and when they need it.

Mrs Crook said, “Our Form VIII Wellbeing Ambassadors have been busy making ‘Kindness Rocks’ which will be placed across our 35 acre site, here at Beachborough over the remaining weeks of this term, hidden within our woodland, the Boardman and the Manor House and the idea is that children across the whole school seek out the kindness rocks, read the quote, show it to a friend and then re-hide it for someone else to find!”

Wellbeing Ambassador Lawrie said, “we chose this particular project as we were inspired by similar local projects, such as the Brackley Pebbles Scheme and we thought this would be something that all year groups could enjoy.”

William said, “we worked together as a team to paint the stones as we wanted to include positive quotes on them to support kindness and growth mindset, something we are really proud of here at Beachborough.”

Each stone has been beautifully decorated in bright, bold colours and ambassador Shaan said “we’re hoping the rocks will encourage good things such as kindness, respect, curiosity and positivity across the school” and Asya said that as a Wellbeing Ambassador she “is available to all children across the school if they want someone to talk to or need support in any way.”

This is just one initiative which the Ambassadors have implemented this year so far and they have plenty more up their sleeve! William said, “I am really proud to be a part of this project because it helps with wellbeing. A child might be feeling sad but if they find one of our rocks, it could really brighten their day.” We are so proud of our Form VIII Wellbeing Ambassadors!

Beachborough School turns yellow in support of Young Minds - Photo 1Beachborough School turns yellow in support of Young Minds - Photo 2Beachborough School turns yellow in support of Young Minds - Photo 3
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