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Surplus To Purpose

Published by Holme Grange School on Monday 5th of February 2024

Holme Grange, in collaboration with Thomas Franks Foundation and City Harvest, turned 12 tonnes of surplus food into 10,000 meals. A remarkable collective effort against food waste, setting a new standard in community support.

Holme Grange united with The Thomas Franks Foundation in partnership City Harvest for a remarkable community event. Surplus food, featuring Quorn, desiccated coconut, and spice sachets, was intercepted, processed, and skillfully transformed into delicious meals. The incredibly talented team, led by Holme Grange's own Azdin, Sue and Dean Collins and Jake Herreros from Thomas Franks coordinated the kitchen with precision and passion.

The team of over 100 dedicated volunteers, including children, parents, and staff, worked tirelessly in shifts throughout the whole day, with some staying all day, to label, portion, and pack 10,000 meals. These nutritious meals will be distributed to 200 charities in London and the surrounding areas, thanks to the logistical support from Savona Foodservice .

This extraordinary community event, coordinated by Raj Singh Director of Charity at Thomas Franks Ltd, sets a new standard. No other school, on this scale, in the country has ever orchestrated such a collective community effort to combat food waste and support those in need. ‘It is unheard of,’ he said.

The impact of the collaboration will be felt by over 5,000 deprived families grappling with the challenges of rising food and living costs. Together as a community, Holme Grange School turned surplus into sustenance, making a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Claire Robinson, Headteacher, said "As we cleaned the kitchen and dining room at the end of the day, the realisation of what we had achieved together truly sank in. Preparing 10,000 meals in a single day is a record-breaking feat, and it was only possible because of our wonderful community. This event has shown that charity truly does start at Holme!"

In an unprecedented effort, over 12 tonnes of surplus food that would have otherwise gone to landfill are now being distributed and will be enjoyed by those in need.

10,000 meals that would have otherwise been tomorrow's waste.

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