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Dauntsey’s Dancers Impress At The Spring Dance Showcase

Published by Dauntsey's on Monday 12th of February 2024

The Good Schools Guide recently commented that the Dauntsey’s Dance Programme ‘is streets ahead of rival schools’, emphasising that dance is something that all pupils engage with right from day one.

It is this whole school involvement that results in the department being a hub of energy, enthusiasm and passion, and the Spring Dance Showcase could not have highlighted this more.

Over 150 pupils from First Form through Sixth Form took to the stage to performing a series of different routines to an engaged and enthusiastic audience. The First and Second Form worked to themes that they had been studying since the start of the academic year – the First Form were tasked with musicals, with each class choosing a particular song and then further exploring the associated characterisation and costumes. The Second Form have been studying ‘Dance Through Time’, and therefore were tasked with choosing their favourite decade to focus on – the most popular seeming to be the 80s and 90s! Performances from the Upper School were based around GCSE work and the pupils’ own choreography.

Emily Tonkiss, Head of Dance, says:

“This is the first year we have combined the Lower School Dance Show with Upper School performances and I think it has been a huge success. It was fantastic for the Lower School pupils to see the incredible talent we have amongst our Upper School students, and it has been hugely inspiring. The Dance clubs have never been fuller!”

Dance is part of the timetable for all First and Second Form pupils, and this enthusiasm continues as pupils progress up through the school. GCSE Dance is a very popular choice with 15 currently working on the GSCE syllabus, and next year four pupils have chosen to student A Level Dance. And, for those who do not select it as one of their GCSEs of A Levels, they are always more that welcome to join in on one of the many Dance Clubs.

The Spring Dance Showcase may well be over, but there is plenty more on the horizon. The department is already focusing on the Summer Festival, where they will be performing Moulin Rouge, as well as the Summer Dance Showcase. 

Dauntsey’s Dancers Impress At The Spring Dance Showcase  - Photo 1Dauntsey’s Dancers Impress At The Spring Dance Showcase  - Photo 2Dauntsey’s Dancers Impress At The Spring Dance Showcase  - Photo 3
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