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Children’s Mental Health Week – Gimme 5!

Published by Windlesham House School on Wednesday 7th of February 2024

In preparation for Thursday’s ‘Gimme 5’ day, Mrs Jenkins led the junior chapel with her good friend Winston, the tortoise. Together they explored positive self-regard and how important it is that we understand our own strengths and good qualities. Negative self-talk can be easy to adopt and repeat. ‘Reality testing’ with our own inner dialogue is crucial when it comes to safeguarding our own mental health.

The children continually learn that appreciating our own skills and qualities is not about boasting, it is about recognising our worth so we can find gratitude, contentment and pursue long term goals that match our skill set. It is never too early to be kind to ourselves. Multiple studies show, the better we feel about ourselves and the better our self-esteem, the more likely we are to spread positivity and joy to those around us. Happy ‘children’s mental health awareness week’ everyone.

Children’s Mental Health Week – Gimme 5! - Photo 1Children’s Mental Health Week – Gimme 5! - Photo 2Children’s Mental Health Week – Gimme 5! - Photo 3
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