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Immersing In Real-life Geography Lessons

Published by Windlesham House School on Monday 9th of October 2023

Year 8 embarked on their geography field trip to the River Tillingbourne near Dorking. This outdoor adventure provided the pupils with a unique open classroom experience, immersing them in real-life lessons about the river syllabus.

The pupils showed remarkable enthusiasm throughout the field trip. They exhibited a keen interest in the processes of a river and were always ready to ask and answer questions. Their inquisitiveness was truly impressive, and their curiosity about the river’s many facets never wavered.

During the field trip, pupils demonstrated outstanding creative learning abilities. They used their creativity to explore the various aspects of the river, from its physical characteristics to its ecological importance. Moreover, their critical thinking skills were evident as they analysed data and identified trends between the upper course and lower course of the river.

One of the highlights of the trip was how fully engaged our pupils were in the experience. They actively participated in recording observations and measurements related to the river’s flow, width and depth. This field trip certainly was a hands-on learning experience and direct interaction with the natural world enhanced their understanding of the river syllabus.

Windlesham House are excited to see how this real-life exposure will further inspire their learning journey and ultimately secure them the best possible marks towards their final CE grade.

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