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Navigating The Digital World

Published by Windlesham House School on Thursday 5th of October 2023

Our little engineers in Year 2 have been exploring the fascinating world of robotics with the LEGO WeDo kits. They have delved into constructing and programming their own mini robots, promoting early STEM skills and collaborative learning.

Digital literacy is blooming in Year 3 as they continue their adventure into digital text and dictation. They’ve woven creativity into their ‘Stone Age Boy’ stories, employing emojis to convey emotions and elevate their digital storytelling skills.

Year 4 are honing their desktop publishing capabilities, meticulously crafting a scene setting using varied shapes and colours. It’s an exploration of graphic design principles, investigating how visual elements can narrate a story.

Website building is under robust development in Year 5, with this week’s spotlight being on extending their digital realms by adding multiple pages to their websites, enhancing navigation and content organisation.

Lights, mic, action! Year 6 are continuing to dive into the enthralling world of podcasting, beginning to craft their group scripts with intriguing topics, which they will soon be recording and sharing with their eager audience.

In Year 7, the merging of multiple elements for constructing cohesive media messages has taken centre stage. They are synthesising various media components to create impactful digital messages, harnessing the power of multimodal communication.

After an in-depth exploration of diverse presentation platforms, Year 8 is set to commence their projects, utilising their platform of choice to effectively communicate their researched topics in a visually engaging manner.

We remain committed to incorporating technology across our curriculum, ensuring our students are well-versed and adept in navigating the digital world, preparing them for the future that is inherently technological.

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