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Y5 Boulogne 2023

Published by Dolphin School on Thursday 2nd of November 2023

Year 5 had a fantastic 2 night trip to Boulogne!

They saw the wide stretch of sand at Bleriot Plage and learnt about the first flight crossing across the channel by Louis Bleriot, using the beach as his runway. They then visited the war museum at Ambleteuse, discovering facts about the Second World War and putting classroom learning from History into context.

Year 5 had been really looking forward to visiting Nausicaa, the biggest aquarium in Europe and a centre for marine conservation and education, with 58,000 animals and 1,600 different species.

Before heading home they had a trip to Boulogne’s traditional market to practise their French conversation skills and a walk around the old town, what a superb end to the trip to France!

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