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Mental Health Week

Published by Lockers Park School on Thursday 8th of February 2024

This week is Mental Health Week for us here at Lockers Park. A week where we emphasise the importance of mental wellbeing when it comes to education, and how non-educational activities can have a positive impact when it’s time to go back to the classroom. The week started off with ‘wear what makes you happy day’, where the boys were allowed to come into school wearing whatever they feel happiest and most comfortable in. We saw a variety of clothing, from football kits to animal onesies.

On Wednesday we held an outdoor disco for the younger boys to attend. Music was played, and the boys had a wonderful time dancing and running around.

Throughout the week the boys will be taught the importance of things like healthy eating and meditation, in regard to mental health and making sure we can always be our best selves.

Here at Lockers Park, we understand the struggles that young boys can go through in their home and school lives. We use this understanding to educate our students and make sure we give them all the right platforms to achieve excellence.

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