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Making a Difference

Published by Lockers Park School on Tuesday 17th of October 2023

In response to the increased number of casualties in Ukraine, one of our former teachers, Charles Moubray, has joined a crowd funding objective to raise £50,000 to purchase five vehicles filled with medical kits and humanitarian aid and driven out to Ukraine. Once the supplies have been distributed the vehicles will be used to recover and transport wounded casualties away from the front line to hospitals in safer areas.

The Red Cross estimates millions of people are still going without essentials like electricity, warmth and water. Countless homes, schools, hospitals and important infrastructure have been destroyed. Many people will soon face their second winter living in damaged, freezing cold homes. Recent reports have estimated that Ukrainian deaths were close to 70,000 with 100,000 to 120,000 wounded.

The group has raised £250,000 in total with all monies raised going to the purchasing of vehicles, requested equipment and medical supplies. While priorities change from month to month, during August the group supplied: junctional tourniquets; tourniquets CAT; Israeli bandages; vented chest seals; abdominal emergency bandage; celox gauze; soft stretchers; generators power packs; ecoflow power bank 20000; food pouches; ear muffs; cookers; medic rucksacks; sleeping bags; North America talon II folding stretcher; Persys new intraosseous device; tonometer omron.

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