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Culford's Art and Textiles Department Delivers Excellence

Published by Culford School on Thursday 7th of December 2023

''We ensure that we tap creative impulses of all our pupils, whatever skills they possess.''

Culford's Art and Textiles department continues to deliver an outstanding education to pupils across both Prep and Senior Schools. The Art Centre officially opened in 2019 after an impressive renovation, made possible by the generosity of our Old Culfordians. The space includes multiple textile studios, a ceramics workshop and a permanent gallery that showcases captivating works from various ages throughout the year.

Recognised for its strength in three-dimensional art, the department provides pupils with a platform to push the boundaries of their art. Starting from Lower Fifth, pupils can take part in life drawing classes to elevate their skill set. CulfordVI students enjoy the privilege of individual desks in an exclusive studio space, which creates an explorative environment to work on their A Level projects. The open studio policy for GCSE and A Level students highlights the trust between staff and pupils and promotes independent learning.

A highlight within the department is the annual exhibition, hosted in a dynamic space that showcases works across different mediums. The exhibition is a culmination of the innovation demonstrated by pupils throughout the year, often becoming a lasting topic of conversation until the anticipation for the next one begins.​

We would like to thank the outstanding department, Tessa Richardson, Brenda Hunt, and Leigh Hoggar, for their passion and exceptional teaching.

Culford's Art and Textiles Department Delivers Excellence - Photo 1Culford's Art and Textiles Department Delivers Excellence - Photo 2
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