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Wellington Netball Teams Shine at National Finals, Securing Impressive Placements

Published by Wellington College on Monday 8th of April 2024

In a spectacular culmination to the netball season, Wellington’s U19 and U16 squads displayed outstanding prowess at the national finals, clinching 3rd and 5th positions respectively among 1500 schools nationwide. The achievement underscores the dedication and hard work demonstrated by both teams throughout the season, affirming their status as formidable competitors in the sport.

The U19 squad has been to three national finals and in previous years narrowly missed out on a medal position. With many members of this team being in their final year at the school, it was very fitting for them to achieve their much-deserved medal place. They came out fighting from the very first match, determined to leave everything on the court.

Scarlett Williams, Head of Netball Development, talks about a few memorable moments from the tournament and highlights why our U19 squad has been so instrumental in the success of the season:

“The opening match pitted us against North London Collegiate School, and those initial 7 minutes showcased some of our finest netball of the tournament. The way the girls executed everything we had gone through in training was faultless, making it hard for us as coaches to add much at halftime".

“We wanted to specifically highlight the Upper Sixth who are leaving the netball programme this season as their time at Wellington comes to an end this summer. They have all been a huge credit to the school and have shown outstanding commitment to the program".

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