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Prior's Court welcomes local deaf students to state-of-the-art baking facility

Published by Prior's Court School on Friday 24th of May 2024

Prior's Court has opened the doors of our bakery to deaf students from Mary Hare School to support their learning.
We are lucky to have an industry-standard baking facility which is used to teach baking skills, as well as providing fresh bread and other products for our residential homes.

But now, our bakery has welcomed students from Mary Hare School, which provides education to deaf children and young people. Bakery Learning Facilitator Scott Thompson is running the program, helping Mary Hare School students make progress toward their Level 1 and 2 Diplomas.

Scott said: “It’s a pleasure having students from Mary Hare in our bakery. We built this facility with education in mind, so being able to impart knowledge to students beyond our gates is a privilege.

“Their work ethic is commendable. Despite the challenges of their deafness, they are making fantastic progress towards their cookery qualifications.”

Vicky Caws, an assessor for City & Guilds within Mary Hare School, is closely involved in the placement program and believes their students are learning skills they can apply to numerous situations in the outside world.

She said: “Our students are learning confidence and skills that can be used in so many areas.

“This is a safe space for them. If you can feel good about yourself, you’ve been given an armour to deal with the outside world.”

The successful programme has so far seen four Mary Hare students rotating through the industrial baking facility over the past two school years, with plans to welcome a fifth.
Prior's Court welcomes local deaf students to state-of-the-art baking facility - Photo 1
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