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Upper Sixth Sudents Revisit Prep School In Journey Down Memory Lane

Published by Kimbolton School on Thursday 9th of May 2024

As the academic year nears its end, a group of Upper Sixth students from Kimbolton School embarked on a sentimental journey back to their first day at school with a special visit to their old Reception classrooms.

On the afternoon of 8 May, a large group of our Upper Sixth pupils returned to our Prep School to reminisce and reconnect with the place where their education journey began. The nostalgic visit was more than merely a trip down memory lane though, it was a chance for the Upper Sixth students to meet the new cohort at the Prep School and also reflect upon the personal transformations they have undergone since their own days in Reception.

The afternoon was filled with laughter and storytelling as the students walked around their old classrooms and playground. There was even the opportunity to take a group picture including their Reception teacher Ms Edwards, who has been teaching at the school since they were embarking on their educational journey at Kimbolton and with Ms Young who had supervised several of the students in our ‘Kim Club’ that offers wraparound care. One student reflected that he wasn’t sad that he was finishing school, as he was ready for his next adventure in life, but that it made him ‘happy that he had been at Kimbolton School’, another found photos of herself on the walls in the drama productions she had been in but was surprised that everything ‘felt a lot smaller than it did when I was here!’

The students spent lots of time playing with the Reception children who were thrilled to be welcoming so many special guests. Together they rode on trikes, played in the sand, built towers and created some beautiful artwork – all in the wonderful grounds of our spacious Lower Prep playground in the afternoon sunshine. Two of the students told two Reception children ‘we were best friends when we were in this classroom, and we are still best friends now’!

Matt Gilbert, Head of Sixth Form at Kimbolton School, said: “As they prepare to bid farewell to Kimbolton School and move on to new adventures, this nostalgic visit serves as a poignant reminder to our leavers of where their journey began and the bright future that awaits them. It was wonderful for the Sixth Formers to see how much has changed since their time in the Prep School. The day also reminded them about the friendships forged there and the foundations that were built for their education. We wish all of our Upper Sixth students the best of luck in their upcoming examinations and look forward to seeing what they go on to achieve beyond Kimbolton School.”

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