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King's Bruton freestyle skier comes 12th in Junior World Championships

Published Thursday 26th of July 2012 01:02:23 PM

Lloyd Wallace, a 17 year old international freestyle skier from King's Bruton, rounded off a remarkable season with 12th place in the Junior World Championships at Valmalenco, Italy.
One of the youngest competitors, Lloyd was up against the best in the world in the Aerials event, where skiers launch themselves off an 11 foot high 'kicker' at 60kph and perform somersaults and twists before landing on a steep landing hill. China and USA fielded the top teams with athletes jumping triple twisting double somersaults.
Warm weather caused some difficulty with speed and melting kickers but Lloyd landed two high doubles to the delight of his team, coaches and parents.

Lloyd said: "Conditions were tricky and it was tempting to go easy, but I could see the Chinese were not going to be put off, so why should I? I kept my focus, did my hardest jumps, and it paid off".

This ended an extremely successful season for Lloyd who is now ranked 14th on the Europa Cup adult circuit.
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