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Medieval Celebratory Banquet at St Benedict's Junior School

Published Friday 27th of July 2012 10:36:11 AM

Pre-Prep Two at St Benedict's Junior School held a medieval Celebratory Banquet to finish off their Creative Curriculum theme of 'Castles and Knights'. Children and teachers, beautifully dressed up for the occasion as pretty princesses, handsome princes, noble knights and loyal pages, tucked into their banquet of chicken drumsticks, carrot sticks and fruit. Then news came through that the Princess had just been freed from the dragon by a brave knight and everyone offered a 'toast' to the Princess and Knight. To everyone's astonishment the Princess (Language Assistant Maud Risacher) turned up later.

Class Teacher Rita Sfeir said, 'The children enjoyed dressing up and had a great time at the banquet. Then the arrival of the 'real' Princess caused consternation. She had to answer a lot of questions! The banquet closed with some singing and dancing and brought a fabulous finish to the term's theme.'
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