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Could You Pass The 11 Plus?

This is the time of year when many of us are busy worrying over eleven plus exams. Have our children studied enough, had access to enough of the right materials; have we pushed them too hard, or not enough; was that tutor worth all that money?

The eleven plus exam has changed a lot since we parents will have taken the exam. In fact, there have been several changes and revisions not only to the questions but the scoring process and probably just about everything else - after all, it was a fair few years since we were eleven!
Here are a few sample questions… how well will you do?

1.In the following questions, the same letter must fit into both sets of brackets to end the word in front of the brackets, and to begin the word after the brackets.

a. THI ( ) ECK STU ( ) OON

      B     D    N     K

b. FOR ( ) ILL PAC( ) ICK

     N    H    M     K

2. James, Alexa, Jonathan, Ben and Sally are out shopping for jackets. Ben and Alexa want waterproof jackets, Jonathan and Sally want brightly coloured jackets with hoods, Alexa and James want lightweight jackets and James and Ben want brightly coloured jackets but with a warm lining. Out of the following statements, which one must be true?

● Sally and Jonathan want different types of jackets.

● Only 2 people do not want brightly coloured jackets.

● No one wants a lightweight jacket with a hood.

● Sally wants a coat with a hood and a warm lining.

 3. In each of the following questions, choose the number that continues the series.

  a. 7, 16, 34, 70

   35    49    140    142

b. 30, 28, 32, 30, 34

   38     32    36     40

 4. "Where” is to "place” as "when” is to what?

● Place
● Setting
● Character
● Time

5. Which of the following words is an abstract noun?

● University
● Flock
● Admiral
● Law

6. Which has the greater mass, 3kg of onions or 7lb of feathers?

It’s worth bearing in mind that eleven plus exams are timed, so your child would get around 5-15 seconds for an English question, and 30 seconds for verbal or non-verbal reasoning.keep an eye on our Facebook page for more examples of test questions!

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