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Dyslexia diagnosis - What You Need To Know

If you think your child may have dyslexia, it is important to request a formal assessment as soon as possible. The earlier dyslexia is diagnosed, the more effective any education interventions can be.

The Signs And Symptoms Of Dyslexia Are Not Always Obvious.

If you are concerned about your child’s progress with reading or writing, speak to their teacher in the first instance and see what they think. Although you know your child best, their teacher will have experience of working with children with a wide range of different abilities so they will be in a good position to let you know whether dyslexia is likely. Take a look at our previous posts about the signs of dyslexia at different ages: in early years; at primary school age and at secondary school age.

What If It’s Not Dyslexia?

There are many other things that could cause your child to struggle with their reading and writing. These include vision problems such as short-sightedness or a squint, hearing problems or even a condition such as ADHD which would affect their ability to learn. It may be worth speaking to your GP to rule out any sight or hearing concerns.

Dyslexia Assessment

The only way dyslexia can be diagnosed is with a formal assessment which must be carried out by a certified dyslexia assessor. This assessment provides a detailed report outlining specific areas of strength and weakness for your child. This will give you and your child’s school a clearer picture of your child’s cognitive profile, and from here you can look at how best to support them.

How To Get A Dyslexia Assessment

Your first port of call should always been the school’s SENCo (special educational needs coordinator). An assessment can be requested through the school, or you may choose to arrange for an assessment privately. The British Dyslexia Association can offer advice as well as arranging a diagnostic assessment if needed.

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