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Educational Resources For Lockdown

We are all in lockdown at the moment, and it seems this situation could go on indefinitely. That means many of us find ourselves in the position of chief educator for our child or children, until this is over. 

Some schools have sent homework and resources, but many of us have been left to our own devices and not much idea of where to start.

The first thing to remember is that the most important thing is that our children feel safe and secure. This is a very unusual situation for all of us, and children especially may find this very unsettling, and not be able to find the words to explain how they feel. If trying to set up your own "home schooling” classroom is causing tantrums and conflict, leave it for a while and come back to it in a couple of days. It may be more beneficial for your child to spend time playing and exploring their own curiosity. You could also look to slowly build up how much work you do at home, starting with a daily requirement of reading, followed after a week or so by adding in a worksheet or similar. This will be less of a shock to the system, and easier to deal with.

Here are some resources to help you with home education during this time:

  • Twinkl resources are used by many primary schools, so worksheets downloaded from here will have a familiar feel to them. Twinkl have created a free trial period for parents during this time, which can be accessed using the offer code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS
  • BBC Bitesize - this website has resources ranging from primary to post-16 education on a wide range of topics. There are maths games to play online, videos to watch and all sorts of educational activities to keep you going.
  • TES Teaching Resources - this site has both free and paid-for resources, designed by teachers to share with other teachers. 
  • White Rose Maths - this site has lots of home learning resources for maths
  • The Literacy Shed - this site has lots of photos to use as writing prompts for a story
  • Hannah Spannah blog has a large list of websites with ideas and resources for homeschooling during lockdown
  • Storyline Online has lots of stories, read to you by celebrities. This is great for a quiet afternoon activity. 
  • Audible Stories also has many free stories for children
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