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Exploring STEM Subjects With Your Child

STEM subjects can help your child expand their mind and put them on the path to being innovators of tomorrow. Most STEM subjects, which stands for Science, technology, engineering and Maths, are represented in school curriculums, but there are other ways that you can explore these subjects with your children.

That is why we have teamed up with a private school in Hertfordshire to give you some insight into other means you and your child can explore the world of STEM subjects.

Get Outside

With lockdowns easing and the weather getting better, there is more opportunity to explore the world outside with your child. Allowing them to see more architecture, different kinds of natural landscapes and wildlife can help their minds connect with all manner of sTEM  subjects.

Water Play

Playing with toys in water can capture your child’s curiosity into how different types of objects react when it comes into contact with water. Will it float? Will it sink? How big a splash can it make? Water play is therefore a very effective means of allowing your children to experiment and explore science and physics.


Introducing your child to the world of cooking can help engage a number of STEM subject skills. From learning to follow instructions, to working out measurements of ingredients, cooking can engage your child in a number of ways, helping to improve their sense of deduction, their reading skills, as well as allow them to practice maths in a practical everyday capacity.

Play Games

Having fun is a great way to learn, as it engages your child’s mind in a way where they’re not even aware that they’re learning. There are many board games that encourage learning and STEM subject skill sets, from the money handling of Monopoly, to the word construction of Scrabble; so having regular family game days is a very engaging way to get your child practicing STEM subject skills.

This is a guest contribution from St Hilda's Independent Nursery

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