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New Audio Resource For Parents To Help Inspire Learning And Support Exam Success

As a parent of children in independent school, I am always looking for ways to help them enjoy and get the most out of the subjects they are studying, especially during the school holidays.

This, needless to say, can be a challenge, especially as in many cases I no longer have the knowledge I once had. Furthermore, even if I had the knowledge, they are studying subjects, which either have, changed or are being taught in a new way. And to compound the issue, due to the excellence in teaching that is normally found within these schools, my children have a greater knowledge than myself.

Quite naturally, during the holidays, my children aren’t too keen on doing their homework or prepare for exams so I have tried to find engaging materials which we can share and that will help inspire them.

I have trawled through hundreds of YouTube videos, BBC Bitesize etc. and whilst some of them are genuinely excellent, they don’t necessarily hit the mark, especially as they are not aligned to the curriculum, including down to exam board level, and they are not easy to share and digest.

However, I have now come across a new resource, called Audiopi (, which may hit the mark. It really is a very simple concept. They create a series of audio tutorials which are directly aligned to the curriculum, down to exam board level.

What I like about them is that each tutorial lasts around 5-10 minutes and they are extremely accessible. You can listen to them when on a car journey or at home. This then gives you ample time to discuss the content with your children and really join in with their learning process.

One of the key features that stands out is that they have been produced by a combination of academics from leading universities, teachers and exam board examiners. That means you are actually getting insight that you may not get in the classroom. Not only do they have academic rigour they are full of music, sound effects, clips from newsreels etc. to bring them alive.

A couple of examples include:

Never Let Me Go for English Literature

The Causes and Events of WW1

It is always a joy when you are actually engaging with your children with the subjects they are learning and learning to love. When they have a passion, a word that is greatly overused in the world of education but nonetheless very important, to be part of that journey is the most amazing experience. Finding great materials to help

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