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Top Tips On How To Choose An Eleven Plus Tutor

If your child is in year 5, it’s likely that you’ve been considering the eleven plus exam. These days many of us will opt to hire a tutor to help our children get through the exam - but how do you know who to hire?

Take a look at our top tips to help you make the right decision:

Ask for their track record

A good tutor will be able to show you other students they’ve helped to pass the eleven plus exam. This shouldn’t be a big ask; they should be used to answering questions like this, and proud to show you their results. Ask for their pass rates over the last few years, and ask for references from parents who have hired them recently.

Ensure they know the selection process in your area

The eleven plus and grammar school selection are not universal across the UK; each area will have its own process and it’s important your chosen tutor knows the exact process and what your child needs to know in order to pass the exam.

What certificates do they have?

Anyone working with children must have a DBS check and it’s important to check this has been updated recently. Official recommendation is that a DBS check should be updated every three years. Anyone tutoring a child must have one of these, and you should accept no excuses - especially if your child is going to that person’s house for tutoring.

As well as this, your tutor should have some form of formal qualification, and be able to produce teaching or other academic certificates for these. It is up to you what level and type of qualification you accept as relevant and necessary, but anyone tutoring a child should have a good academic background.

What methods do they use?

Every child is different, and will learn differently. A good tutor will assess your child’s current strengths and weaknesses and tailor their tuition to suit their needs. Check with the tutor to see how flexible they are in their approach, and how many different tricks they have up their sleeve.

When and where will tuition take place?

If your child’s bed time is 9pm, and your tutor can only fit you in at 8pm at their house on the other side of town that’s not going to work for you. On the other hand, they may be prepared to come to your house - but they may charge more for doing so. Most tutors will tutor from their homes, so don’t be afraid to ask to see the study area. Will your child be learning in a quiet room that’s used solely for teaching, or will they be at the kitchen table while the tutor’s family comes and goes?

What feedback will the tutor provide?

If you’re paying someone to help your child get ready for the eleven plus, you’ll want to know they’re doing that. It’s crucial that you receive regular feedback so that you know how your child is doing with their tuition. A good tutor will be frank and honest about progress, and should tell you if they don’t think your child is able to pass the exam. Ask them if they have a cut-off point during preparations by which point they will know whether they think your child is able to pass the exam or not.

Choosing a tutor can be a tough decision but a good tutor will be happy to answer all your questions

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