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Equestrian Success at NSEA Championships

Published by The Grange School on Thursday 13th of January 2022

Our students have returned from a busy weekend competing at the NSEA Championships with winners rosettes and prizes! This report from Team Manager Lindsay Sellers gives a flavour of the weekend and the girls' achievements:

"This year the NSEA Championships were back on - having been cancelled last year due to Covid, and were hosted by Keysoe International in Bedford. The majority of us arrived on Friday late afternoon in time to bed down the stables and take the horses for a ride around the venue after the long journey.

Saturday morning was an early start with Aisling Stott, Emily Rowland and Ellie Stockdale all riding their Individual dressage tests before 10am. Fabulous results for our dressage individuals against very tough competition and HUGE classes with over a hundred riders…

3rd in Prelim level dressage for Aisling Stott

6th Prelim level dressage for Emily Rowland

15th Prelim level dressage for Ellie Stockdale

6th Novice level dressage for Emily Rowland

An early start for me too as Team Manager to notify the organisers of our team change requirements for the 80cm Show Jumping (SJ) as Immi Phillips was unfortunately unable to attend due to Covid…a theme that was to continue throughout the competition! Verity Sellers stepped in to allow us to still ride as a team of 4. At a Championship, once entries are in no changes are allowable however Covid has meant the organisers have had to be a little more flexible, allowing changes but only prior to the classes beginning.

Then onto the 80cm SJ with a couple of course walks managed in-between the dressage competitions. The team of Fleur Perry, Verity Sellers, Madi Carlick and Aisling Stott were incredibly fast and accurate in their jumping with 3 out of 4 going clear, meaning they were in the top 8 teams and through to the evening jump off competition. Going into the evening Finals they were 4th to go in the jump off, allowing our extremely competitive team to see how their competitors were riding some of the tightly turning jumping lines…a fine balance of again 3 team members jumping clear and going fast meant the team came an impressive 3rd out of 47 teams! NSEA Horse Buckets, Rosettes and ‘SO Kalming’ Cubes (perhaps for the parents!?) won, so happy riders and ponies!

Another early start on Sunday for everyone…

Starting with another couple of team changes for our 1m SJ and 1.10m SJ teams as Georgia Cooper-Hall and Sofia Stubbs were unable to attend due to Covid. To allow the teams to compete (a minimum of 3 riders, but 4 preferred), Sophie Sellers, our Head Girl, dropped her books and made a mad dash down late Saturday night to allow her to fill the third space. The teams were as always up for the challenge even though there now were only 3 in each of the teams.

Another fantastic and busy day with 4 dressage tests, 3 rounds of SJ resulting in more NSEA Horse buckets, Rosettes and ‘SO Kalming’ Cubes:

10th for white 100SJ team (Emily Rowland, Madi Carlick & Sophie Sellers)

14th for green 100SJ team (Aisling Stott, Madi Carlick & Verity Sellers)

4th for 1.10SJ team (Aisling Stott, Sophie Sellers & Madi Carlick)

18th Team Dressage (Emily Rowland, Imogen Hargraves, Ellie Stockdale and Madi Carlick)

Monday, our final day…

Thankfully no team changes today, however Georgia Cooper-Hall and Sofia Stubbs were unable to compete in their individual classes which is such a shame for them both. A busy day and lots of jumping both SJ and JWS (Arena Eventing).

22nd individually for Madi Carlick in 90cm SJ out of 193 competitors

20th for Emily Rowland out of 98 individuals in 90cm JWS

4th for Emily Rowland out of 56 competitors In 1m JWS

14th for Verity Sellers out of 56 competitors In 1m JWS

Team 5th in 1m JWS (Aisling Stott, Verity Sellers, Sophie Sellers & Emily Rowland)

Team 28th out of 40 teams in 90cm SJ (Emily Rowland, Aisling Stott, Madi Carlick & Verity Sellers)

Another fabulous day at NSEA Champs at Keysoe… and more buckets & rosettes.

Congratulations and a HUGE WELL DONE to all who competed over this long weekend at Keysoe International. Absolutely fantastic team camaraderie under challenging circumstances with last minute withdrawals and team changes.

Fantastic riding from everyone against top horses and riders in the country. Every day a proud day and all riders an absolute credit to themselves and the school. I am very proud to be their Team Manager. To those who missed out due to Covid we are deeply disappointed for you and wish you all a speedy recovery in time for the next round of qualifiers."
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