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Prefect Piece - Barney B

Published by Sutton Valence Preparatory School on Tuesday 18th of January 2022

The day before my Sport scholarship assessment, I was extremely nervous. However, I was also excited because sport is a huge passion of mine. The main reason that I hoped to be offered a Sport scholarship, was to become more advanced in Sport and achieve my dream of being able to play for my country in the future.

My top three sports to play are Hockey, Cricket and Rugby, all of these being favourites for different reasons. I enjoy the teamwork that Hockey involves, the concentration and alertness required in Cricket and how much fun can be had when playing Rugby.

On the day of the scholarship assessments, my nervousness was heightening, especially as there were so many other people there trying out for a scholarship too. To begin, Mr Howell, SVS Director of Sport, spoke to us about the meaning behind being a sports scholar. Throughout the day the activities we took part in were running, the bleep test, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and Swimming.

After a long wait, I received a letter to say that I have been offered a Sport scholarship. This made me very happy.

Barney B, Year 6 Prefect
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