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Young Humanitarian Maya Launches Campaign To Assist Earthquake Victims In Turkey And Syria

Published by St Swithun's School on Monday 6th of March 2023

Maya C, a compassionate and determined Year 8 student at St Swithun’s school has decided to take action and help the victims of the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.  

Born in Istanbul with family and friends all over Turkey, Maya has been deeply affected by this disaster and is determined to do all she can to assist. 

Maya has already raised over £300 via JustGiving and recently made and sold bracelets to fellow students and staff members to raise extra money (bringing her total to over £500) . However, she wants to make every penny count and has decided to travel with her mum to Turkey during the Easter break to help in person. She plans to spend the money raised to deliver items and whatever is needed most at the time of her visit. 

To ensure a successful aid mission, Maya has secured sponsorship for her journey from a business in Istanbul and is working to source the best value blankets, tents, food, and other supplies to take to the earthquake zone. Her journey will cover over 1400km and will be a two-day drive, with the latter part of the journey crossing the mountains into the disaster zone.  

She is also in communication with relief teams on the scene to determine the area where she can deliver her aid. She plans to document her journey and report as often as possible via social media.  

Maya says

“I believe that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference in the world. I am looking forward to supporting a country so close to my heart and my family. It’s important to show people they are not alone, and we are here to support them.” 

Headmistress Jane Gandee says

“Maya is a shining example of grit, determination, and selflessness. Her efforts are truly inspiring and a reminder of the power of one individual's commitment to making a difference. Everyone at St Swithun’s is extremely proud of her.” 

To donate or to follow their story click here.  

Young Humanitarian Maya Launches Campaign To Assist Earthquake Victims In Turkey And Syria  - Photo 1
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