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Dukie STEM Day

Published by The Duke of York's Royal Military School on Thursday 16th of March 2023

Polishing their programming skills, Year 9 Dukies participated in a STEM Day, where each student was able to learn how to use colour and infrared sensors to navigate the EV3 Lego Mindstorm robots through a series of obstacles.

Students were efficient in writing algorithms for their robots, developing skills of logic and communication within their team. “It was great to make the robots follow the rules we set” explained George (Kitchener). Reni (Wolfe) remarked how she enjoyed “working through the problems with friends during the activity”.

Students also had the chance to generate E-FIT on police software, to create an image of a ‘criminal’ while exploring how their memory can be affected by different circumstances.

It was clear the students particularly engaged well with the E-FIT activity, especially when they were trying to produce a life like image of Mr Foreman! “I really enjoyed using the E-FIT software; although the faces we made looked nothing like the real people!” commented Summer (Alanbrooke). Phillip (Roberts) appreciated the opportunity of working with ‘real life’ software and understanding more about how technology can help police investigations.

We are incredibly grateful to The Dukies Foundation for funding this exciting opportunity for our students, allowing them to engage in real world applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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