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Racing To Success!

Published by Kingswood Preparatory School on Thursday 13th of July 2023

After an enthralling Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend, we look to our aspiring go-kart drivers in the Prep School and their Green Goblin…

The Green Goblin, is an after school-club and team, of 8 dedicated Year 6 children who have spent the year constructing an electric go-kart to take part in the Greenpower Goblin race against other schools in the BANES area. The Green Goblin Team have learnt how assemble mechanical and electrical components, test batteries and learn how to drive! After weeks of practising and troubleshooting, the team were finally ready to race.

The Green Goblin took to the track and was driven by each team member, across 13 different races in slalom, drag and circuit disciplines. This is a fantastic way to explore sustainable engineering, spend time with friends, and test out their go-kart in real life.

Well done to all who took part!
Racing To Success! - Photo 1
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