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Leighton Park - Top of the Charts: Grade 9s Up on 2019!

Published by Leighton Park School on Friday 25th of August 2023

Head of Leighton Park School, Matthew Judd, congratulated his Year 11s on their iGCSE/GCSE successes this morning, pleased that the results have bucked the national trend. 

With the media focussing on the fall in top grades, our cohort have amazingly achieved more grade 9s this summer than our pre-pandemic 2019 students. Nationally the 2023 grades 9-7 are at 22% whereas Leighton Park’s Year 11s have reached more than 48% as well as 96% grades 9-4 against the national average of 68%.

“Once again it is marvellous to see so many young people fulfilling their potential and achieving some stunning grades.” Matthew enthused, “The students and their teachers have all worked hard to ensure these results are where they should be. Sometimes the press can paint a picture of difficult outcomes but our students have had brilliant results and are well set for both the International Baccalaureate and A Level/BTEC qualifications in our Sixth Form.

”Diana de la Mora, who is excited about studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme next year, was delighted with her grades (seven 9s, 1 eight and an A): “It was a lot of hard work but I’m glad it paid off. I’m glad that my teachers were so supportive. They helped me to achieve what I wanted to and to have the courage to continue studying despite the stress. I’ve chosen to take the IB course for Sixth Form because I truly believe that the IB will give me the greatest chance to develop myself into the individual I strive to be. Gaining the freedom to continue studying many different subjects will not only allow me to enhance and broaden my view of the world but also allow me to immerse myself in a passionate, hard-working group of diverse people."

The International Baccalaureate course enables students to continue with six subjects over the next two years as well as providing excellent preparation for university through the Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity Activity Service (CAS) compulsory modules. It is a popular choice for students with broad interests, who enjoy project-based learning and who have a global perspective.  

Noah Ramos-Galvez, proud of his results which included five 8s and two 7s, agreed, “I was a bit nervous before I opened them but I’m all good now. The teachers have been really helpful for me, and extra sessions were available if they were required. It’s been great. Really supportive.” Noah is looking forward to pursuing Music, Maths, Chemistry and Physics at A Level in the Sixth Form next year.

Hamish Walker, who had to be woken up by his mum to check his grades online, was pleased too. “The teachers have your back here, and my friends have been there for me which helps take my mind off the stress.” he reflected.

Youssef El-Nagar who took his Arabic GCSE two years early was excited to have achieved a grade 9. Proud mum, Amal commented, “He’s very happy, he’s done so well. He’s taken a shot and I think he’s killed it!

”Students sitting the Further Mathematics Standard Qualification (FMSQ), which carries 10 UCAS points and offers the equivalent challenge of an AS level, achieved 75% A-B grades. The opportunity to take the qualification is offered to all students in the top set Maths class and is a popular option amongst our keen Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths (STEAM) pupils. Other STEAM subjects which performed well at iGCSE/GCSE grades 9-7 this summer included Geography (80%), DT (67%), Textiles (67%), Physics (64%), Chemistry (63%) and Biology (61%). STEAM is a particular strength of the School with opportunities to get involved with both group and individual projects through the STEAM co-curricular activities. Students experience STEAM outside the curriculum through the wide variety of trips and connections with industry.

The majority of Year 11 progress to the School’s Sixth Form where the entry criteria are five iGCSEs/GCSEs at Grade 6s or above. Leighton Park’s success at Key Stage 5 is recognized by the Government’s league tables for Sixth Form Academic Progress. We are looking forward to the success continuing as we open our new Sixth Form Centre this academic year. The latest figures show Leighton Park to be the top performing school in Berkshire and 27th in England for academic progress, one of only eight schools nationally to appear in the top 100 every year since the league tables began. Leighton Park was also a Finalist in the prestigious Times Educational Supplement (TES) Awards for Independent Senior School of the Year 2023. Academic results are not the only measure of success of course and the School was pleased to win the ISA’s 2022 Award for Pupil Personal Development.

If you are considering studying A Levels, CTEC Sport, BTEC in Digital Film & Video Production or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, the next Sixth Form Open Evening at Leighton Park School is on Tuesday 10th October at 6.30pm and our Annual Open Morning for all entry points is on Saturday 23rd September from 9.00-11.00am.  Book online at www.leightonpark.com/imagine-better or contact Admissions via admissions@leightonpark.com or 0118 987 9608

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